Wholesale Esthetician Supplies - Vancouver Canada 

We are a wholesale company in Vancouver, B.C - Canada, distributing to estheticians, salons and spas.

We do not sell to the general public and we verify each new account.

Once verified, you can log in at any time to see prices and place orders.

Meanwhile, please feel free to browse our website and do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you might have.

Flora Skin Care Supply offers France Laure and Aqua Laure products that cover esthetician needs, from face treatments to

body treatments, to retail home care products.

We are dedicated to quality service and our experienced estheticians will advise on product usage, demonstrate in-salon

treatments and assist with promotions and advertising.




February 1st, 2019  Caring for Winter Skin

  • Even in winter, when the sun seems to be hiding behind a cloud blanket, there are still enough UVA and UVB around to prompt the use of sunscreen.
  • In cold temperatures we lose water via the skin, which becomes very dehydrated. You need a heavier moisturizer than the summer one, as well as a good body lotion. When skin dries it may flake, become itchy and even crack. The protective barrier is broken, then bacteria can easily create at least irritation, at worst infections....Read more......

Feb.2018 Drugstore vs. Professional Skin Care Products  

Cosmetic products are being created on a daily basis. Some are only sold through aestheticians and doctor’s offices, while others are readily available via television shopping channels, infomercials, online retailers, or department stores and drugstores.

Consumers often end up feeling confused about who to trust, where to shop, and whether to spend their hard-earned money at the spa or the drugstore. Read more.






Flora Skin Care Supply Provides France Laure Products to Professional Aestheticians, Salons, Spas and Beauty.