PROTOCELL - Second Skin Mask 5 tr.

PROTOCELL - Second Skin Mask 5 tr.


ProtoCell Mask delivers a professional treatment to consistently and effectively diffuse its active ingredients. ProtoCell mask hydrates, nourishes and heals. This amazing mask is the perfect way to achieve radiant, supple, baby soft skin!

Key Ingredients and Benefits:

Hyaluronic Acid: Natural hydrating molecule in the dermis, it forms a uniform and elastic film over skin that contributes to restore a youthful and firm complexion. ALOE VERA: Powerful hydrating agent, heals, softens; ideal for dry or mature skin. The aloe vera penetrates easier than water, it infiltrates through the epidermis to nourish the dermis and hypodermis.

Collagen: Main constituent of the conjunctive tissue in the dermis,collagen is responsible for elasticity and mechanical skin resistance. It possesses exceptional hydrating and film forming properties which inflate dehydrated cells in the epidermis.